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SME (SONY Music Entertainment, Inc.) does it again. Those brave soldiers of greed have once again set forth on the field of battle to save the world from another bit of free enjoyment.

You have undoubtedly seen this image when trying to view content on YouTube:

Let me clarify one thing – I am a capitalist. The 99% Occupy Wallstreet types out there are blithering idiots. When I said “free” above, I don’t mean other people’s works should be freely distributed.

If an artist chooses to give their work for free, more power to them, but I won’t consider them any more noble than one who expects to be paid.

Having said that however, the URL I spotted this notice on was for a music video released in 1970 by Kris Kristofferson entitled “Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down”.

Common sense: Have you random blog reader even heard of Kris Kristofferson? Ever heard of that song released nearly fifty years ago? I doubt many of you have.

So that’s my point. A new release by Ariana Grande or a classic by the Beatles that everyone knows it is not.

What that song is today is obscure, but great I think. Maybe if SONY left it alone on YouTube, someone might hear it and might even want to buy it. I’ll call that a new marketing plan for you SONY. I’ll even let you use my idea for free. You’re welcome.

On the other hand, I do respect their right to shut these videos down if they wish. They own the rights to them. But a little common sense would go a long way as it’s in such short supply these days.

Thankfully, SONY only shot down the 2.8 million-view music video, the song itself can still be found on YouTube. 

Hey SONY – I’d like to buy that music video you pulled down… do you even sell it?